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Welcome To Critical Stop

Welcome To Critical Stop Ltd.

Electrical Pump

Fire Hydrant System

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Fire Detection System

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Fire Door & Accessories 


CCTV Camera


PA & Sound System





PA-BX Intercom & Video Door Phone System  


Time Attendance System



Software Development System



About US

Critical Stop under the prominent leadership of Mr. Md Salim Touhid as CEO emerged into a physical entity on 14th April 2002in the ever potential safety and security solution sector with motto to cater to the fast growing demand of the market and to satisfy its clients by prompt & quickest possible service towards end user & corporate clients. Critical stop trust to become the leading safety and security solution provider in the safety and security markets as critical stop believe in trust &quality services / supports.Soon after Critical stop landed in the market; it has  been able to attain a considerable amount of market sham in the safety and security solution Sector. Strongly keeping in mind it’s gathered highly trained and experienced sales, Marketing & technical personal for backup support. And also the high experience business Consultants and adviser.

Our Mission and Vision

We stand out from other competitors in the market not only with our various services but also because of several reasons like regular service checks, user friendly appliances, customer friendly staff etc.Our sales team is enriched with the ability to garner onto new projects, which in turn are accomplished by our efficient team of service engineers and technicians.We select appropriate places as to where our equipment is to be installed rather than leaving that burden to the customers, for example in case of security installations, we select which places in the building or within the organization are prone to threats and need constant surveillance and then only after the customer’s satisfaction about the place, we go on with the installation. We understand your needs and act appropriately.